In 2013, University College Cork gained the HR Excellence in Research Award.

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According to the provisions of Article XIV (4) of the Collective Agreement, our University has newly...


16. 11. 2018

MENDELU is the first Czech university which received HR Excellence in research Award.

23. 10. 2018

In October, we attended a workshop organized by the University of Antwerp.

8. 10. 2018

The aim of the University is to obtain the HR AWARD Certificat

3. 10. 2018

The traditional of the MSCA Conferences.

26. 9. 2018

Presentation of human resources management at MENDELU.

19. 6. 2018

In June, a meeting of the working group of universities representatives for HR AWARD was held in Pilsen.

14. 6. 2018

On Wednesday 13 June 2018, the “Round Table” with Vice-Rector Janová took place with the topic The Strategy of Human Resources Management at MENDELU.