25. 8. 2020 - Tereza Ondráčková

The Mystery of a Bird Tree Day Camp took place at our university last week (August 17th -21st). This project was organized in cooperation with Lužánky Leisure Center, which arranged a great program.

The Camp was attended by 34 children, 32 of them were children and grandchildren of MENDELU employees. Most of the varied program full of games and competitions took place in the Botanical Garden and Arboretum. The Bird Rescue Station joined the program with its exhibition of tame animals from the wild nature. The ornithologist Kryštof Horák explained the importance of catching and ringing of birds. The university falconers showed the bird raptors and their hunting. On top of that children made a trip to the nearby Parrot Zoo in Bošovice. Meals for the children were provided by the University Canteen. 

We believe that the Day Camp was a success, the children liked it and will be organized to a grater extent in the years to come.

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