The Human Resources Management Office is part of the University Rectorate and falls under the authority of the Bursar Ing. Martin Veselý. It is methodically led by the Vice-rector for human resources and internal affairs doc. Ing. Lea Kubíčková. Mgr. Veronika Burianová is the head of the HRMO.

We provide administrative, organisational, consulting and methodological activities in the area of personnel administration and human resources management. Our aim is to create a positive work environment and working conditions that are conducive to increasing the intellectual capital.

HR Development Department

We are a department that was established in connection with the need to implement a university-wide human resources development strategy. One of the reasons for its creation was the fact that we received the HR Excellence in Research Award, which the European Commission awards to research institutions implementing the HRS4R strategy. Our aim is to bring the university as close as possible to The European standards expressed in the European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers and to provide the most pleasant work environment for all workers. We are responsible for the recruitment of new employees and we monitor the job market situation.

Professional activities:

  • Creation and implementation of a university-wide human resources development strategy
  • Creation of an institutional framework for the management and career development of human resources in accordance with the principles of The European Charter for Researchers
  • Administration related to the European Commission’s HR Excellence In Research Award
  • Effective adjustment of university HR processes
  • Supporting activities for acquiring employees in accordance with an open and transparent recruitment policy
  • Administration connected with staff training and development
  • Benefits administration
  • Support for reconciling work and personal life


Personnel Department

We look after the employees of four faculties, the Institute of Lifelong Learning and all Rectorate and University-wide departments. We work with all parts of the university in applying labour and social legislation. We negotiate with Trade Union representatives and perform tasks arising from collective agreements in the areas of personnel and social legislation. We fulfil the requirements of the Czech Social Security Administration, health insurers, tax authorities and job centres.

Our professional activities:

  • Concluding employment contracts
  • Agreements on amendments to employment contracts
  • Terminating employment
  • Work contract records
  • Personnel file management
  • Personnel information system
  • Personal consultations with employees and expert advice for management personnel
  • Administration of hiring people with disabilities
  • Administration of occupational health services
  • Administration of employee benefits
  • Employment of foreigners
  • Statistics and analyses in personnel and social matters
  • Support for reconciling work and personal life


Payroll Accounting Department

We prepare payroll for university employees, including the calculation of taxes, social and health insurance and other necessary data. We are responsible for the accuracy of payroll, tax and insurance calculations. We issue income certificates to employees and provide annual income tax clearance. We communicate with the relevant authorities on payroll, insurance and tax issues.


Labour and Payroll Department

We continuously monitor the use of the salary budget by source and by individual elements of the SPP and produce reports. When recruiting new staff and reassigning existing staff, we assess the accuracy of the job description in terms of job classification and the labour and payroll agenda. We co-assess the competence of employees to perform the agreed work. We draw up wage assessments in accordance with the draft wage measures. We carry out payroll checks and recharges and maintain the organisational structure. Last bat not least we prepare documents for the VZH and VZC and reports for the Ministry of Education.