The school attendance in the Czech Republic

The last year of nursery school (pre-school year) is obligatory. Parents are obliged to enrol the child into the first year of primary school. In the Czech Republic, school attendance is a legal requirement. Enrolment of children in kindergarten and school for the following school year usually takes place in April and May. Further information.

Because school lessons are taught in the Czech language as standard and foreign language schools usually charge relatively high tuition fees, the knowledge of the Czech is very important. The Centre for Foreign Nationals SMR offers chidren´s courses in Czech for Foreign Nationals or can give you advice where to go. 


Public Transport

Brno has a wide public transport network. Trams, trolleybuses and buses run at regular intervals every few minutes. In order to use public transport you have to buy a ticket - from machines at stops, by SMS or by card from machines inside vehicles. If you are a frequent user of public transport then it is worth arranging a prepaid season ticket. In Brno the ticket is called šalinkarta. More information.


Driving licence and vehicle registration

Citizens of the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland can use their driving licence from their home country in the Czech Republic. People from outside the EU can only use their licence if it meets the conditions set out in the Road Traffic Convention. At the same time, foreigners must hold a residence permit in the Czech Republic with a validity period of up to one year. An international driving licence is also valid in the Czech Republic. Foreigners can apply to exchange their driving licence or take driving lessons again.

The issuing and exchange of driving licences and vehicle registration is carried aout by the municipal office with extended powers. You can make an appointment in advance electronically. It is necessary to apply for the exchange of the driving licence within three months of the granting of the residence permit for foreign nationals with temporary and permanent residence for longer than a year. When applying for a new driving licence a foreigner must demonstrate a length of stay of more than 185 days in a year.

Adress: Magistrát města Brna, Registr silničních vozidel a Registr řidičských průkazů (Brno City Municipality, Road Vehicle Registry and Driving Licence Registry), Kounicova 67, 601 67 Brno

Please note that alcohol is not tolerated behind the wheel in the Czech Republic. The only blood alcohol limit is 0.



Brno ID is an electronic identity system which offers its holders not only easier fulfilment of some bureaucratic tasks but also other advantages linked to life in the city, such as paying for communal waste collection fee or buying season tickets for public transport.


Waste sorting

In the Czech Republic, we try to behave responsibly towards the environment and sort waste. Guide to sorting and recycling of waste in the Czech Republic