The employer and employee can end an employment relationship by agreement, by notice, immediate termination, termination during a trial period or expiry of the residence permit. An employment relationship arranged for a definite period of time ends when the determined period of time lapses. The parties involved have statutory rights and obligations as a result of this. When an employment relationship ends, the employer in particular has obligations not only towards the employee, but also other institutions.

The termination of an employment relationship is regulated by the Labour Code and the Employment Code.

OffboardingIf you wish to terminate an employment agreement with one of your subordinates, please fill in an Application of a Managerial Employee to Prepare Documentation for Ending an Employment Relationship and contact the respective HR officer

If an employment relationship ends because the time agreed for the job has lapsed, enough time must be allowed to process the termination. The Discussion of the Termination of Fixed-Term Employment form.

By no later than the last day of an employment relationship, an employee is obliged to submit an overview of unfinished work assignments and inform the supervisor of the status of their work tasks, hand over all assets that belong to the employer and settle all financial obligations. We recommend using a Handover Record.

Before an employment relationship with an employee ends, the employer is obliged to provide the employee with a Cleareance Certificate, which must include confirmation from the relevant units and relevant managerial employee that all obligations of the employee towards the employer have been settled. If certain obligations have not been settled, the Clearance Certificate must include an annex with information on how the outstanding obligations will be settled. The employee must submit the Clearance Certificate to an HR officer no later than the last day of their employment.

The statement of earnings (a certificate of employment) is issued by Payroll Accounting Department.