We offer employees the purchase of products from our own production:

BreadQuail eggs: for ordering please contact Mr. Michal Meitner

Fish:  for ordering please contact Ms. Eva Poštulková

Game: sale in Canteen-building X

Pastry: available usually in Canteen-building X and Buffet-building Q

Christmas trees: in the Christmas time, you can buy a tree from the university woods

It is also possible to take advantage of discounts with our university partners as well as other special offers:

The Moravian Karst House of Nature: free entry for employees and students (identification by employee / student card)

Husa na provázku Theatre: tickets for selected performances for half the price (more information via Newsletter HR)

Datart for employees VIP program

Sale of cheeses and sausages: import of cheeses, other dairy products, sausages and delicatessen to the MENDELU campus in Brno-Černá pole (we will inform you about the sale days via the Newsletter HR)

Travel agency Alexandria - discounts on a package holiday (how to book a tour)