MultiSport Card is an employee benefit that enables free visiting of sport and relaxation facilities of a partner program all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia. One free entry a day.

SwimmerYou can choose from a wide range of activities in more than 2,700 facilities. Go to the gym, sauna, swimming pool, yoga lessons, climbing center, bowling or visit nature parks and selected castles and chateaux. Find more facilities.

The card is available for employees with MENDELU employment contract (agreements don´t apply). The lump-sum is deducted from employees' salary monthly.

The card is for 638 CZK/ month. You can also order one additional card for an adult and up to three additional cards for children up to 15 years of age at the following prices:

Accompanying Card 1 045 CZK/ month

Child Card 440 CZK/ month


Procedure for logging in / out of the MultiSport program

Fill in the form MultiSport Agreement/Disagreement on deductions from wages filling form (option A) and bring it to your Personnel Officer by the 15th of the month. The card will be valid from the next month on.

For an additional registration or cancellation of registration accompanying or child card, fill in option B in the form above.

If you want to cancel using the card(s) completely, please fill in the form MultiSport Agreement/Disagreement on deductions from wages filling form (option C) and bring it to your Personnel Officer

Please note that if you cancel the card and decide to enter the program again, you are allowed to do so after 6 months (except of proven health issues). Do not throw the card away, it can be reactivated.

To reactivate the card(s) (after the stop period), contact your Personnel Officer no later than the penultimate day of the month. At the same time, MultiSport Agreement/Disagreement on deductions from wages filling form (option A) must be provided. The card will be activated from the next month on.

Cvičební nářadí


Test cards for newcomers

We offer new colleagues the opportunity to try out an employee test card for a month FREE OF CHARGE. If you are interested, please contact the HR Development Department.


What to do if I lost the card?

Report the loss of the MultiSport Card to the HR Development Department. A new card will be sent to you free of charge. Unfortunately, you will need to pay normally for entry to facilities until the new card comes. 


For additional information about the MultiSport programme, please contact the HR Development Department.