In the former office of MUDr. Cechová (HOUSE MEDICAL) there is a new general practitioner MUDr. Tomáš...

As of 1 September 2023, the Human Resources Management Office operates in a modified organisational structure.


17. 8. 2023 - Renata Denková

In preparation for the HR Award, we invite all MENDELU employees to another roundtable, which will be held in Czech language. This time we will discuss practical matters of recruitment and selection of employees including the links with the Open, Transparent & Merit based Recruitment policy. We would therefore welcome those who advertise and propose selection procedures as well as staff members who participate in selection panels, whether regularly, occasionally or who have ever been in this role...

8. 8. 2023 - Tereza Ondráčková

Every year the MENDELU Sports Activities Centre (CSA MENDELU) offers a wide range of sports courses at a discounted price.

1. 6. 2023 - Tereza Ondráčková

Vice-Rector for Personnel Development and Internal Communication doc. Ing. et Ing. Lea Kubíčková, Ph.D. invites all MENDELU employees to a round table on HR Award - questions and answers.

25. 5. 2023 - Tereza Ondráčková

NKC Gender and Science invites all international women scientists to the Brunch for International Women in Science, organized in collaboration with Hyb4City. A guest speaker will be Mgr. Mariya Shamzhy, Ph.D., winner of the Neuron 2022 award for promising scientists.

24. 4. 2023 - Tereza Ondráčková

New video called "Do you know what to do?" was filmed as part of the Safe MENDELU concept and calls attention to bullying and sexual harassment.

19. 4. 2023 - Tereza Ondráčková

The videoepisode entitled (In)Equal Opportunities reflects the position of women in the scientific environment.

31. 3. 2023 - Tereza Ondráčková

The Grant Agency of Gregor Johann Mendel of Mendel University in Brno (internal research projects category C) announces another call for proposals. You can apply until 30 May 2023 at 10:00.