In December 2020, the MultiSport program offered us test cards, which we unfortunately could not use...

Improving working conditions is one of the tasks of HRS4R, ie the strategy that follows from the HR Award.

With the gradual ease and opening of sports facilities, the MulitSport program is activated again. The...


24. 2. 2021 - Tereza Ondráčková

When prof. Danuše Nerudová became a rector, she overcame two barriers - she became the first woman at the head of this institution, as well as the youngest rector in the Czech Republic. "Social stereotypes cannot be broken by force. Every woman who gets into such a position must be an inspiration, "she says in an interview for

18. 2. 2021 - Tereza Ondráčková

Seduo now offers regular webinars with your favorite lecturers (in Czech and Slovak language), which you know from video courses, and presents SEDUO.CZ #NAŽIVO.

16. 2. 2021 - Tereza Ondráčková

In cooperation with the Center of Leisure Time Lužánky, the Human Resources Management Office is organizing a summer day camp for children of MENDELU employees, this time on the motives of the children's book Vanishing Insects.

12. 2. 2021 - Tereza Ondráčková

Within the European Union, the Czech Republic ranks among the group of countries with the highest gender pay gap. Unfair pay for women and men is a significant inequality between women and men, which, however, can be "measured" unlike some other gender inequalities.

18. 1. 2021 - Tereza Ondráčková


15. 1. 2021 - Tereza Ondráčková

As already announced, with effect from 1 January 2021, there was a change in the calculation of holiday.Therefore, we have prepared a training for all time officers "Concept of adjusting a new holiday at MENDELU in SAP and attendance system".

13. 1. 2021 - Tereza Ondráčková

Before Christmas, a new tax package and changes for 2021 were approved. The changes will affect the income of each of you.

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