MENDELU Employees Satisfaction Survey 2018

In June 2018, an online survey was conducted at our University to find out how people (especially researchers because of HR Award) felt at the University,

how they perceived the work environment and which areas needed to be improved in the future.

The aim of the survey was to obtain information that would help to objectively set action plans within the process of applying for HR Award.

The survey was conducted anonymously using the Google Forms tools and was available to all employees in two language versions (in Czech and in English).

The survey contained 34 questions, 5 of which were general to get the profile of the respondent.

The questions were then divided into areas based on the principles of the Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. These were the following four areas:

1. Ethical and professional aspects

2. Recruitment and selection of employees

3. Working conditions

4. Training and development

All questions were optional, so each of them had a different number of answers in the final sum.

The questionnaire contained both closed and open questions that gave room to respondents for commentary on current status and suggestions for improvement.

The questionnaire survey was anonymous for all who participated in the survey. At the same time, however, we decided that the results would be transparent and each respondent, after completing the last question, had the opportunity to see aggregate results of the questionnaire survey and answers to the open questions of all those who participated in the survey before him or her.

Employees Satisfaction Survey