Hrášek University Kindergarten

You have the opportunity to place a child in the Hrášek University Kindergarten, which is located in a pleasant environment with its own garden in the northeastern part of Brno. You will find the kindergarten on the ground floor of the newly renovated J. A. Komenského dormitories on Kohoutova Street. Hrášek is primarily intended for children of MENDELU employees and students. Children from the age of 3 (possibly children who reach the age of 3 in a given school year) are admitted to the school until they start compulsory schooling.

Hrášek is a modern kindergarten, where children can also develop in a movement dance circle, English language class, Lesáček or speech therapy. Tuition is 3 500 CZK/month. You can find more information about children's activities on Facebook.


Day camp

MENDELU supports employees - parents and organizes a summer day camp for their children. The project was created in cooperation with the Center of Leisure Time Lužánky in Brno, which provides the program in accordance with the focus of the university. Most of the program, full of games and competitions, takes place on the university campus, especially in the botanical garden and arboretum. 

In 2020, the first year of the day camp named the Mystery of the Bird Tree took place at our university. The Bird Rescue and ornithologist Kryštof Horák with their exhibition of tame animals from the wild took part in the program. Part of the camp was a trip to the nearby Parrot ZOO in Bošovice.

The second year took place in two sessions and this time based on the children's book Vanishing Insects. During the day camp, the children researched and found out everything about the various types of insects that occur in nature around us. Entomologist prof. RNDr. Zdenek Laštůvka, CSc. enriched the program with an interesting talk about the insect world. Among other things, the children went on a trip to Blatiny in the Vysočina region and visited the educational anthill in Soběšice.

In 2022 we organized the camp in 2 sessions, each on a different theme. In the first tour, called Mysteries of the Brno Arboretum, the children were able to join the search for the missing gardener and the origin of a plant that no one has ever heard of and no one has ever seen. In the second tour, children could search for the Mystery of the Bull Cave, experiencing a week full of expeditions to nearby and more distant surroundings. Explore the old primary forest, build a fire or light a cave.

This year's day camp took place again in two sessions. In July, a breeding camp called About Animals with Animals, where children could take care of real pets and other animals. In August, an adventurous one with the theme of finding the fifth element, where they experienced activities such as river rafting, a rope centre and a climbing wall.



Leave without pay for childcare

Collective Agreement: Unless serious operational reasons prevent it, the University undertakes to grant leave without pay to an employee who requests it in writing: a) after the end of parental leave, up to a maximum of 4 years of age of the child; b) for the care of children up to 15 years of age during school holidays (in the case of a single employee, also outside school holidays).