In August 2020, an online survey was carried out at Mendel University to find out how people perceive the changes which have come about at the university in the last 2 years in connection with the implementation of the Action Plan / HRS4R.

The aim of the survey was to get feedback, as well as suggestions for a revised Action Plan, which we will implement over the next 3 years.

As not all employees are aware of the activities and changes happening in connection with the HR Award, the questionnaire also served as an overview of all the measures carried out thus far.

The survey was conducted anonymously using Google Forms and was accessible to all employees.

The questionnaire consisted of 44 questions, 4 of which were general and aimed at determining the profile of the respondent.

The questions were divided into the following areas based on the Action Plan:

  • Ethics and good practice in research
  • Improved web (employee awareness in the areas of HR and R&D)
  • Open, transparent and merit based recruitment
  • Employee evaluation and development
  • Other working conditions and benefits

We thank all employees who dedicated their time to completing the questionnaire. They provided us with valuable feedback for our work. We are going to continue working on all the topics.

Get to know the results:

Employee feedback survey 2020