Career Development means:

  • Career promotion = the transfer of an employee to a higher job position as part of their career path
  • Career change = a change in a career path due to a change of profession of an employee
  • Professional development = the development of knowledge, competencies and qualifications of an employee in their existing profession and their current job position

The essential prerequisites of career promotion include attaining the required knowledge, competencies and qualifications. There is no entitlement to career promotion, nor a career change; job positions are filled in compliance with the Selection Procedure Rules. They may take place either exclusively pursuant to a respective change in their employment contract or by appointment.

Typical career paths at MENDELU:

  • for members of the academic staff: Lecturer → Assistant → Assistant Professor → Associate Professor → Professor
  • for members of the academic staff in science and research positions: Doctoral Researcher → Postdoctoral Researcher → Researcher → Senior Researcher
  • for non-academic science and research professions: Project Researcher 1 → Project Researcher 2 → Project Researcher 3 → Project Researcher 4
  • for non-academic professions other than manual labour professions: general employee of a department or office → Head of Department → Section Director
  • for manual labour professions: general employee → general employee with managerial competencies

How can the career development of subordinates be encouraged?

The creation of the conditions for the career development of employees in each constituent part, in accordance with the Rector’s Guidelines on Human Resources Management, consists mainly of the following:

  • supporting the development of teaching and creative competencies of members of the academic staff
  • supporting systematic training and the education of employees, including participation in professional conferences and gatherings
  • alignment of teaching and creative activities of members of the academic staff
  • supporting the development of competencies and skills of employees
  • enabling the adjustment of work conditions and working hours to support an employee’s activities in the field of professional development, in particular in connection with a long-term internship abroad, time off for pursuing creative activities, the preparation of a habilitation thesis, the coordination of a project’s application draft in an excellent international competition of the employee, as well as supporting parent employees, especially those returning from parental or maternity leave, or in any other relevant important life situation of an employee
  • an incentive scheme of the constituent part to support employee career development, including financial incentives for making an outstanding contribution to the constituent part by the employee in relevant areas