Evaluations provide the academic staff members, scientists and researchers with feedback on the quality and value of their long-term work with respect to the branch of activity and the professional development of the university.

Pedagogical, creative and other activities performed by the employees are subject to evaluation.

Evaluations are carried out in the following positions:

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor
  • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Researcher
  • Senior Researcher
  • Project Researcher I – IV

Evaluations are carried out by the head of the particular unit in which the employees work. Evaluations take place in all units where employees work at any FTE value in a given profession. The FTE value is not decisive for evaluations.

The form and content of staff evaluations in all parts of the unit are determined by the employer body in keeping with the professional field and specifics of each constituent part. Evaluations must be drawn up in writing or in another demonstrable form.

Evaluations of employees play a role in remuneration differences. The evaluation outcomes are one of the tools used to determine the salary class and define salary components (in compliance with the salary regulations).


  • Evaluations do not apply to any excluded periods that extend beyond the evaluation period. Excluded periods may include, among other cases, any impediments to perform work on the part of the employee or the employer, in particular a long-term sickness or maternity/parental leave.
  • Evaluations are carried out in view of the academic or managerial positions held by an employee in the evaluated period. Such managerial positions may include chiefly the Vice-Dean, Dean, Rector, Vice-Rector or the Academic Senate Chair.

The first evaluation of members of the academic and non-academic staff in science and research positions will be carried out no later than in 2023 and after that periodically every three years.