Working hours or work time is the period for which the employee is required to carry out work for his employer. Or it is also the time for which the employee must be prepared to carry out work in accordance with the instructions of his employer (or as the case may be in accordance with internal regulations).

Work time-basic terms

WatchFlexible scheduling of work times is applied at the university in accordance with §85 of the Labour Code, which can be changed only with the agreement of both parties.

The specific beginning and end of the work time of university employees is set in writing by the appropriate managing employee, taking into account the character of the activities carried out, the relationship of activities in the workplace to the activities of other parts and for academic workers in particular to the teaching schedule.

Work time-flexible scheduling



Recreational holidays for academic workers of the university are 8 weeks per calendar year.

LuggagesRecreational holidays for non-academic employees of the faculties, university institutions, entire school workplaces, rectorate and dormitory administrators and canteens are 6 weeks per calendar year.

Recreational holidays for employees of university farms are 5 weeks per calendar year. The directors of university farms are entitled to collectively negotiate about the possibility of extending recreational holidays for the calendar year, and that always by the 30. 12. of the previous calendar year. 

From 1 January 2021, the calculation of holiday is changed. The amount derives from the employee's weekly working hours. More information here.