Positions at MENDELU are filled in accordance with the principles of the Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment (OTM-R Policy), which is based on the European Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers.

The procedure for filling vacancies is governed by the reviewed Selection Procedure Rules at Mendel University in Brno

An open selection procedure must be implemented for all academic, non-academic research and management positions. The filling of other non-academic staff positions at the university is at the discretion and competence of the promoter. However, the advertiser shall be obliged to notify the Recruitment Office of the initiation of such a selection procedure, its terms and conditions and the outcome.


Where you can find the forms

If you need to fill a vacancy, please complete a Proposal to Announce and Begin a Selection Procedure form available in the UIS, according to the type of vacancy to be filled: 

The Proposal can also be found via the UIS/eAgenda/Kontaktní centrum/Hledám řešení/Proposal to Announce and Begin a Selection Procedure for the chosen type of job position.

Academic and non-academic scientist and researcher positions are advertised not only in Czech, but also in English. If you need help with the wording of the English version, you can use our tips and samples for academic, scientist and researcher positions.


The steps involved in the approval process of a Proposal to Announce and Begin a Selection Procedure

Once a Proposal is filled in, it can be seen by an HR recruiter in the UIS. The officer will then work with you on making any adjustments to meet the standards and answer any questions you may have regarding the process of the recruitment and selection of your new colleague. Your application is then sent online by the HR recruiter to the respective announcer. The announcer will either approve or reject the application, or alternatively attach a note (e.g. adding more members or proposing different members to join the selection committee). During the process of filling in the Proposal, the announcer must be consulted to ensure it is not rejected by the announcer (if rejected, a new Proposal form must be completed in the UIS).

A Proposal that has been fully completed and, above all, approved will be processed by an HR recruiter, who will then publish an advertisement within 3 – 5 working days. Advertisements for academic positions will be posted for 30 days. The duration of posting of advertisements for non-academic positions is at least 15 days.


The recruitment process

The recruitment process is administered in the Teamio web application. Each member of the selection committee will receive their log-in details for the application from the respective HR recruiter. In Teamio, you can view and assess the candidates’ applications, and express with a thumb’s up or down whether you suggest that the candidate be shortlisted, or alternatively you can insert a note for the other committee members and HR recruiter. Working in Teamio is intuitive, and communication between committee members and the HR recruiter within the application is only used for internal purposes. Candidates cannot see any reactions or comments. 

To identify and address potential suitable candidates, you can try searching in the Map of Scientists maintained by the association Czexpats in Science. It is a database of scientists who have been working (or worked in the past) abroad for a long time. It allows you to find experts from different fields, working in different workplaces around the world.


A step-by-step guide on how to conduct an interview

An e-learning course Recruitment and Selection of Employees at Mendel University in Brno is available to all selection committee members. The course will take you through the whole selection process. The Methodological Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection will help you prepare for actual interviews with applicants. You will learn how to conduct an interview, how to ask the right questions and how to rate applicants.

MENDELU implements OTM-R at Mendel University in Brno.


How to employ foreigners

Employing workers with foreign nationality is usually more administratively demanding. If a position can be filled by a foreign worker, please contact Bc. Karolína Doncová from the Welcome Office. You will find out how long the process can take and what it will entail. Basic information on employing foreigners.