Employees as parents

We have put together a guide for employees for you: EMPLOYEES IN A PARENTAL ROLEwhere you can find a basic overview of administrative and legislative matters related to
entering and returning from maternity and parental leave, and other more common situations associated with parenthood. If you do not have access to the UIS and cannot open the document, please contact the MaternityCoordinator for balancing work and family life.

You can also use the Checklist (in Czech language) which will help you ensure that you have completed all the steps required in the whole process, from pregnancy notification to returning to the workplace.

We also provide the option for your child to attend the Hrášek University Kindergarten.


Unpaid leave for parents

Unless serious operational reasons prevent it, the University is obligated under the Collective Agreement to grant leave without pay to an employee who requests it in writing:
(a) after the end of parental leave, up to a maximum of 4 years of age of the child;
b) for the care of children up to 15 years of age during school holidays (in the case of a single employee, also outside school holidays).


MENDELU Back-to-Work Grant

Academic and research workers returning from maternity or parental leave, and caregivers for children under 6 years of age can also use the MENDELU Back-to-Work Grant, which is stipulated in Rector´s directiveThe Grant Agency of Gregor Johann Mendel of Mendel University in Brno (effective from 25.3.2023). The main objective of this grant is to make it easier for scientists to return to their fully fledged scientific careers at the university, support their further development and achieve exceptionally good scientific results on a long-term basis.