Mendel University enables its employees to receive an allowance for meals also by means of a chip card – Edenred CardIt is possible to pay with the Card in selected restaurants, retail chains and grocery stores. However the subsidized dining system at the University canteens remains unchanged (see the Rector's methodological instruction on the provision of the meal allowance).

The entitlement to a daily allowance for meals received through the Card has arisen since January 1st 2019 to every employee of all University constituents with the exception of Student Hostels and Canteen Administration (SHCA), Training Agricultural Enterprise (TAE) Žabčice and Training Forest Enterprise Masarykův Les (TFE MF) Křtiny, provided to the employee which at the same time meets the following criteria:

  • is employed at the University under a contract of employment
  • has the contract for at least 0.5 of working time, i.e. the minimum of 20 hours a week
  • has worked at least 4 hours in one working day
  • has not received the subsidized lunch at the University canteen


Entitlement to receiving a daily allowance for meals through the Card shall not arise for the following days:

  • time on vacation, entitlement to a leave for family member treatment, maternity or parental leave, visits to a doctor for more than four hours, or if there is another working obstacle for more than four hours
  • when an employee receives an allowance for a subsidized lunch in the University canteen
  • when an employee goes to a business trip of five hours or more and is entitled to a meal allowance on the business trip at the same time


The total monetary value of a meal is CZK 100 per day. The daily amount of CZK 45 (45%) contributed to the meal by the employee will be deducted from his or her salary. The rest CZK 55 (55%) is covered by the employer. There is no daily or transaction limit on the Edenred Card. You can pay by card without restrictions up to the amount of the balance on your account. For payments over CZK 500, you will be asked to enter a PIN when making a payment.

Funds to be used by means of the Card shall be updated once a month backward, always after closing the attendance records for the past month. 

If you are interested in using the Card, please complete Document Agreement – Disagreement  Filling Form and bring it to the Personnel department or to your Personnel Officer

In the case of loosing your card, order a new one in your personal account on the Edenred portal imediatelly.