We will help you, if you are dealing with: 

  • matters relating to maternity and parental leave and related benefits, including the administrative and legislative context
  • negotiating acceptable conditions with your superior during the leaving and returning from maternity and parental leave (individual consultation with you or even direct participation in negotiations with your superior)
  • advise on the benefits but also risks of using measures to support the harmonization of work and family (eg flexible working arrangements, part-time work, home office, etc.)
  • using MENDELU childcare services

  • searching for suitable care services for your children in Brno

  • with the assessment and, if necessary, the enforcement of your possible proposal for new measures to support the harmonization of work and family at MENDELU
  • If you are a researcher and have been or are still on maternity or parental leave, are caring for a child under six years of age and would like to return to your scientific career, we offer you the opportunity to apply for a back-to-work grant. As part of the support for the successful applicant, an individual talent manager will be assigned to provide the researcher with support in the area of professional and personal development.


Employees with children have access to a coordinator for balancing work and family life. The coordinator’s task is to provide support in terms of information, and administrative and organisational issues, including individual counselling in various life situations. You will be gladly helped, with complete confidentiality, by:

Mgr. Renata Denková

Coordinator for work-family balance

office no. N1009, ground floor of building A, Zemědělská 1, Brno

tel.: +420 773 741 158, +420 545 135 105

e-mail: renata.denkova@mendelu.cz