The Vodafone Employee Programme is intended for every employee who can connect an unlimited number of calling and data SIM cards to the programme and thus obtain tariffs for the whole family or friends. Telephone numbers are kept in one separate customer account and it is possible to invoice them to individual payers. The owner of the customer account is always the employee and he/she is responsible for timely payments of all members of the account.

Vodafone employee tariffs valid from 26 February 2023

TextingHow do you order the programme?

  • Please contact Ms. Ivana Švaňhalová on email:
  • She will assign you a unique code, by which log in to, where you will choose the employee tariff you are interested in. You can also have the tariff activated in the Vodafone shop (after submitting a unique code).
  • With the assigned unique code, you can activate the tariff for several SIM cards at the same time.
  • Within 4 business days from sending the order, Vodafone will call you to verify the order.
  • Existing customers who already use our Employee Programme can contact Vodafone on 800 777 791 directly or can send their requests for change of tariff

Phone number transfer from another operator

  • It takes 3 business days to transfer a phone number.
  • The customer can transfer the telephone number directly, he does not have to contact the existing operator, it is enough to report the OKÚ code (participant verification code) to the Vodafone operator.

Deactivation the programme

  • The employee can terminate the program / change the tariff at any time.