The principles and conditions of the management and career development of employees are governed by Rector’s Guidelines 4/2021, Human Resources Management, effective from 1 January 2022. These Guidelines replace Guidelines 7/2012, Career Rules.

Managerial employees at all management levels are particularly obliged to:

  • ensure equitable access free from discrimination to all employees
  • create, fulfil and evaluate development plans of units/the human resources strategies of constituent parts in accordance with The Human Resources Management Action Plan at Mendel University
  • encourage the career development of subordinates and advance the level of expertise of the unit entrusted to them
  • assume responsibility for the management of their subordinates, including in cases where the subordinates are assigned tasks by guarantors of degree programmes or heads of research teams
  • ensure the substitutability of employees in key professional competencies of each unit
  • provide feedback to their subordinates regarding their work performance and conduct, and create their personal plans
  • ensure evaluations of members of the academic and non-academic staff in science and research positions are carried out every three years

What are personal plans; why and how to create and evaluate them (forms menu)

How to encourage the career development of subordinates