victimWhat can you do yourself if you start to feel that you are being bullied or sexually harassed?

  • It is okay to object. Sometimes this will discourage the attacker.
  • Find out from your colleagues or fellow students whether they have experienced or are experiencing the same thing.
  • Activate those around you, don’t go through it alone.
  • You can take advantage of psychosocial assistance – MENDELU Counselling Centre, therapy, self-help groups, etc. For example, Konsent, proFem.
  • If your mental or medical condition is serious, do not be afraid to seek professional help from psychologists and doctors.
  • Always secure evidence, write down what happened to you when and where.
  • Consider whether an amicable solution is possible (this relates to bullying).
  • Do not seek retaliation, this will make you the attacker and you will only complicate your situation.

Never underestimate bullying or sexual harassment, they rarely go away on their own. We will help you!