What to do if someone treats you in an inappropriate way?

First, discuss the situation with your:

  • superior, if you are an employee
  • supervisor, thesis supervisor, lecturer or anyone at MENDELU you trust if you are a student.

Why? In some cases, they can resolve your situation. They can also help you to gain the courage to defend yourself or give you their view of the situation, provide testimony, etc.

  • If they cannot help you or it is them who are treating you in an inappropriate manner, contact the Counsellor for Safe MENDELUThe role of counsellors is to recognise, investigate and eliminate inappropriate behaviour and harassment. You do not need to contact the person responsible for your faculty or department. You may contact any of them by phone, email or in person. Your communication will be strictly confidential.
  • If you want to discuss your situation anonymously, you can contact the Mobbing Free Institute. The Mobbing Free Institute is a non-profit organisation with which MENDELU has long been working to prevent and address inappropriate behaviour. It is an experienced team of experts who are committed to a healthy work environment. They focus on the prevention and elimination of workplace bullying, and they raise awareness of this issue through education. They have ties to external lawyers, therapists, mediators, coaches and other specialists. They provide free counselling to victims of workplace bullying. 
  • If the behaviour meets the threshold of a criminal offence, it is necessary to contact the Police of the Czech Republic. However, you can also consult this with the Counsellor for Safe MENDELU first. 
  •  If you need psychological support, you can contact the MENDELU Counselling Centre.


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What you can do on your own.